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SMILE Playground / Haskell Field
  40 Fairbank Rd, Sudbury

  Picnic tables


  There is a parking lot along Taylor Rd
  Trails in open area and through the woods.  Some are paved and suitable for stroller.
  Open area with picnic tables and some trees for shade.
  There is one port-a-potty.

  Interesting things to watch
    Steady stream of dogs
    Airplanes frequently fly overhead
    Cars, trucks, etc. on the nearby street - close enough to watch, but trees/bushes between, so can't really run into street.

West Concord

  The library has a very small parking lot (~5 spots).  
  In front of the library there are several 2 hour parking spots along Rt 62 / Main Street.  
  About a block away there is a 2 hour lot.  
  And then there are 1 hour meter spots in the downtown part of West Concord.
  A huge sports field + playground + sandbox. 
  There is only 1 baby swing and 1 of those big chair with harness swings.  There is an interesting pancake swing   There is a building with bathrooms.
  Also note that dogs can go off-leash in this park.  Several picnic tables with trees for shade.
  Basketball courts


  Across the street from the library is a parking lot shared with Emerson Umbrella.
  A couple blocks away there is parking along the perimeter of Emerson Playground.
   The Recreation Center has bathrooms
   Huge sports fields + track + playground + sandbox.
   Dogs can go off-leash in this park
   Picnic Tables with some tree shade
   Basketball courts (with basketballs out all of the time) and Tennis courts
   In the summer months the sprinkler area is active for a few hours per day.
Barefoot Books
  Crafts and other organized events



Getting baby in-and-out of the car seat can be a non-simple task. It seems like the days of "quick errands" where you're "in and out" are a things of the past.  Drive-Thrus are awesome!


  • DCU - 100 Powder Mill Rd, Acton (Stop-and-Shop / Dunkin Donuts shopping plaza)
  • Citizens Bank - 450 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury (Across the street from Friendlys)

 Dunkin Donuts

  • 308 Great Rd, Bedford - Rt 62 across from Stop-and-Shop near Fire Station
  • 681 Boston Post Rd E, Marlboro - Near Target and Home Depot
  • 517 Concord Ave, Cambridge - Fresh Pond between the rotaries 

Debby's Drive Thru

  • Sudbury Crossing Shopping Center, Sudbury - In the Sudbury Farms Parking Lot
  • Coffee, Baked Goods, Flatbread Sandwiches, Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk, Dog Treats



  • 115 Powder Mill Rd Maynard - Rt 62 near the Maynard/Acton line